List of Credits

Many thanks to the many students who were the ‘guinea pigs’
who helped debug and proofread this manual.

The following persons have contributed to the development of
the Fetal Pig Dissection Guide. Individuals marked with an asterisk (*) were students at
Goshen College at the time of their work.

  • Author: James S. Miller, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Goshen College (1980 – 2011)
  • Illustrations by: *Tonya Kauffman, James S. Miller, Elizabeth Jeschke, *Betty Jahshan
  • Rough Drafts of the text for the first edition: *Rich Lochner and *Andrea Swartzendruber
  • Preparation of the illustrations for the first edition: *Andrea Swartzendruber and *Frances Horvath Bachman
  • Proofreading and other technical work: *Darlene Shenk, Linda Miller, *Emily Beck, *Bess Briggs, *Anne Berry, Lisa Miller and *Eric Burkholder

Fetal Pig Dissection Guide

113 pages, 63 illustrations, 33 medical notes. Coil bound.
Last updated Sept., 2004

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