Fetal Pig Dissection Guide

Including Sheep Heart, Brain and Eye
3rd edition

James S. Miller, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology, Goshen College (1980 – 2011)

Copyright (c) 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 by James S. Miller

Important educational features of this dissection guide include:

Designed to work with students’ natural dissecting style

  • All important structures are clearly visible on one or more of the 63 illustrations
  • Illustrations are on the same page or facing page from their textual descriptions
  • Illustrations are designed to be as life-like as possible, while clearly identifying important structures
  • Items on illustrations are identified by number rather than name, encouraging students to read the accompanying text
Clearly written descriptions

  • Each important structure is identified by bold type and underlining at the beginning of a paragraph describing the structure
  • Dissection instructions are written to be as clear and accurate as possible
  • Printed with a large, clear typeface to make it easy to read in the lab setting
Designed to accommodate various types of classes

  • Material is organized to facilitate omitting selected sections if time is limited
  • More difficult material within sections is marked to facilitate special treatment
  • Supplementary material is organized within appendices
Organized for ease of navigation

  • Table of Contents, List of Figures, and Index facilitate locating specific material
  • In important cases, cross-references to other illustrations are given within the text
Medical Notes – special sections that enhance relevance

  • 33 of these special, boxed sections make connections between the structures students are studying and relevant human diseases of those structures

Fetal Pig Dissection Guide

113 pages, 63 illustrations, 33 medical notes. Coil bound.
Last updated Sept., 2004

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