Medical Notes

There are 33 medical notes in the Fetal Pig Dissection Guide. The following are some examples.


This is an example of a medical note in the muscles section. From p. 29 of the FPDG (Fetal Pig Dissection Guide) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Medical Note – In humans, the tendons of the subscapularis, along with the tendons of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus are part of the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is an important structure that helps to stabilize the shoulder joint. It is frequently injured.

Quiz: The tendons of which muscles run through the carpal tunnel, and are involved in carpal tunnel syndrome? (Answer on p. 31 of the FPDG.)

Internal Organs

This is an example of a medical note in the section on internal organs. From p. 51 of the FPDG ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Medical Note – Occasionally an embryo develops which has no thymus. A person born without a thymus will suffer from an immunodeficiency.

Quiz: What gland is the most common site of infection with the mumps virus? (Answer on p. 39 of the FPDG.)

Quiz: Cardiac tamponade is a potentially life threatening disease of what heart structure? (Answer on p. 53 of the FPDG.)

Quiz: What anatomical structure is a common site of hernias in males? (Answer on p. 59 of the FPDG.)

Blood Vessels

This is an example of a medical note in the section on blood vessels. From p. 67 of the FPDG ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Medical Note – The gastric vein has anastamoses (connections) with the systemic veins in the lower esophagus. In advanced cirrhosis of the liver, blood flow through the liver is severely impaired, and because of the pressure build up, blood will flow backwards through the gastrosplenic vein, into the gastric vein, through the anastamoses to esophageal veins that go to the vena cava. Trace this path. Eventually, this is likely to cause severe esophageal bleeding, which is often fatal.

Quiz: What vein is commonly used to reach the right side of the heart with a pacemaker? (Answer on p. 65 of the FPDG.)

Quiz: What artery in the chest is often used in coronary bypass surgery? (Answer on p. 73 of the FPDG.)

Quiz: The failure to close after birth of either of two fetal structures can cause a newborn to have respiratory distress, sometimes severe, in which case the baby may be called a ‘blue baby‘. What are these two structures? (Answer on p. 81 of the FPDG.)

Sheep Organs

This is an example of a medical note from the section on sheep organ dissections. From p. 97 of the FPDG ~ ~ ~ ~ Medical Note – The circle of Willis is the most common site for cerebral aneurysms. An aneurysm is an outpocketing of a vessel wall due to wall weakness. It puts pressure on adjacent tissues and sometimes ruptures. When this occurs in the circle of Willis, it can cause a stroke. The most common type of strokes are caused by blood clots in the cerebral arteries and their branches. Strokes are also discussed on p. 93.

Quiz: Hydrocephalus is caused by fluid accumulation in what cavity or cavities? (Answer on p. 95 of the FPDG.)

Quiz: Glaucoma is caused by fluid accumulation in what eye structure? (Answer on p. 91 of the FPDG.)

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