Safely in Musoma


This is a quick post to indicate we’ve arrived safely in Musoma.  We arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday and spent the night at the Mennonite Center in Musoma, a hostel run by the Mennonite Church.  Today the students had breakfast at the center and then we traveled to the Mennonite church at Nyabange, the small town … Keep reading »

Farewell to Dar


It has been a busy end of the week as we prepare to leave Dar.  On Wednesday we had our last unit house meeting and shared the highlights of our time in Dar, in addition to discussing how to prepare for the service section of SST. On Thursday and Friday students took their final exams … Keep reading »

Visit to Benjamin Mkapa Secondary School


On Monday we visited Benjamin Mkapa Secondary School in Dar es Salaam to better understand the educational system in Tanzania.  We met the principal, several teachers, and a group of about 30 secondary students who were willing to stay after school to chat with our students.  It was in incredible experience.  Our students came away … Keep reading »

Dance & Music

Rains have come to Dar!  Yeah!

It is time to share with our family and friends how we’ve shed our Mennonite propensity to sing standing still!  We’ve exchanged it for the rich Tanzanian (if not African) desire to move when singing! We were treated to a wonderful presentation on Tuesday by Dr. Mathayo Ndomondo, a University of Dar es Salaam music … Keep reading »

Nyantira Church and School visit

Pastor John Wambura explaining the work of the church at Nyantira

Friday the group was treated to a visit to Nyantira Mennonite Church south of the city.  We boarded a rented bus and traveled about an hour to the church. Our group was hosted by Pastor John Wambura, who also serves as our SST country coordinator.  John serves as a pastor at Nyantira, and has been … Keep reading »

MEDA Visit

Presentation at MEDA headquarters

  On Tuesday morning we switched the morning and afternoon routines.  Instead of Swahili in the morning, we rented a bus to visit the Mennonite Economic Development Association Tanzania offices on the Msasani Peninsula.  We were warmly welcomed by the TZ MEDA Director, Faith Patrick, followed by presentations about MEDA projects from Timona Jarha, Director of Operations, … Keep reading »

Visit with the Sheikh of Dar es Salaam


Today we were honored to have the opportunity to visit with the top Islamic leader in Dar es Salaam, Sheikh Alhaj Alhaad Musa.  We first visited Sheikh Musa in his office in Kariakoo and spent 30 minutes in conversation as the students were invited to ask questions about Islam.  The Sheikh welcomed us warmly and … Keep reading »

Weekend Football Match


While most of the United States was watching the Superbowl, we had the opportunity to watch a “football” match as most of the world knows it!  As a group on Saturday afternoon we went to the national stadium for a soccer match between Simba and JKT Oljoro.  Simba devoured their opponent 4-0! Football is a national … Keep reading »

Health, Gender, Environmental Justice


  This week we have been dealing with some pretty weighty issues as we explore the opportunities and challenges facing Tanzanians post-independence.  On Thursday we heard from two Lutheran pastors, both women, on their work in promoting gender equity.  Pastor Itiku (YWCA) and Pastor Blandina (Lutheran church) gave a poignant presentation of the challenges facing … Keep reading »

The Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Foundation

Welcome by Nyerere Foundation representatives

After a wonderful weekend at Bagamoyo, we resumed our normal routine of language class in the morning and presentations or site visits in the afternoon. This week we began exploring the legacy of Tanzania’s first president Mwalimu (Teacher) Julius Nyerere, who is credited with helping Tanzania obtain independence from British colonial rule using peaceful means. … Keep reading »