RFC Affiliated Organization Membership

Affiliated Organization Membership

At the beginning of each academic year, we will validate RFC Memberships for Goshen College affiliated organizations. Memberships expire when no longer affiliated with a GC organization.

Current Qualified Affiliated Organizations:

  • AVI Fresh
  • College Mennonite Church
  • Campus Center for Young Children
  • Current Faculty/Staff Family Membership
  • Retired Faculty Members

Employees of affiliated organizations, retired faculty, and current faculty family members must complete the Affiliated Organization Membership form (linked below) in order to maintain Membership at the RFC. Memberships must be renewed each year or they will be canceled automatically. Directors should reach out to chadc@goshen.edu when an employee is no longer part of their organization.

Employees of affiliated organizations may purchase a family membership for $200. The cost will not be pro-rated; it will be the same no matter when it is purchased during the year. The membership will be valid until August 31.

An ID Card will be issued to all eligible Affiliated Organization members. The ID Card will gain entrance into the RFC during normal building hours. All members are expected to bring their ID cards during each visit.