Key Policy

(Other than those managed by Resident Life)


In an educational institution there is a need to balance the accessibility and use of facilities with the need to provide a safe and secure environment.  Physical Plant management and Goshen College Security work in a cooperative relationship to provide access through a mechanical means to facilitate optimum use of the facilities.  This policy seeks to address access concerns while maintaining the most appropriate level of security.

All locks and keys are the sole property of Goshen College.  Goshen College reserves the right to change locks and keys as needed.  No one may place a lock on a Goshen College facility, interior or exterior, that is not on an approved Goshen College system without the permission of the Director of Facilities or his/her designee.  All keys must be returned to Goshen College upon termination of employment or retirement.

Faculty, staff and students may not loan, transfer, misuse, modify or alter assigned keys.

Issuance of Keys

Faculty, staff and student members may be issued keys to Goshen College facilities based upon their need to access and must be authorized by the appropriate chairperson, faculty or supervisor of the department by filling out the Key Authorization Form.  The faculty/staff/student will then be emailed by the Physical Plant when their key(s) are ready for pick up.  The department chairperson, faculty or supervisor accepts all responsibility for the issuance, use and return of these keys.  Master level keys will not be issued to students for any reason.  Master keys shall only be issued with authorization of the VP of Finance or Provost.

Students are required to pay a $20.00 deposit if they need any keys for their employment. Upon receiving keys, a key agreement will be generated, with a list of keys and due date for the keys to be returned.   Upon return of the keys, the deposit will be refunded.  Students are required to return all keys at the end of the spring semester or May term, depending on the returned date assigned by the supervisor.  A $20 charge for every key lost will be charged to the student.

Faculty and staff key assignment will be verified every year. Adjunct faculty and part time staff who are not returning the next year are required to return all keys at the end of the assignment.

Non-College personnel, vendors and contractors shall not be issued keys on a permanent basis, but may be authorized to sign keys out from the physical plant office on a daily basis.  Only the Director of Facilities, administrative assistant, supervisors and managers may authorize the issuance of keys.

Lost or Stolen Keys

All lost or stolen keys must be reported to the Physical Plant office immediately.  Lost keys are billed to the individual at $20 per key and requests to replace lost or stolen keys must be made to the Physical Plant office by their supervisor.  Based on the factors involved, the Director of Facilities and VP of Finance will make a decision whether to re-core rooms or the entire building.  All costs incurred such as labor and parts for re-coring shall be billed to the department of the employee who has lost the key(s).  Contractors who lose assigned keys will be financially accountable for the costs of lock changes that are required.

Return of Keys

Upon termination of a relationship with Goshen College, employees must return their keys to the Physical Plant office.  Keys should not be passed from an exiting employee to a new employee.  All keys are be returned to the Physical Plant office and shall be re-issued to the new employee upon the completion of the appropriate documentation.

Keys are issued to students after being requested by a department supervisor who accepts all responsibility for the student to return all keys to Physical Plant office.  It is suggested that the department supervisor seek means of key accountability from students.  Should keys be unaccounted for and the student cannot be contacted, the department will be charged for those keys not returned to Physical Plant office and may require a lock change for security reasons.