Vehicle Reservation

Please read the Vehicle Policy.

Goshen College strongly encourages the use of college owned vehicles for ALL college functions and must then be reserved through Physical Plant via Trip Direct. Using a college vehicle is the lowest cost way to meet the college’s transportation needs and provides college insurance protection. If a college vehicle is not available, ONLY Physical Plant will reserve a vehicle through Enterprise or a personal vehicle can be used. If a personal vehicle is used, the college insurance program provides NO liability coverage or damage coverage in case of an accident. All expenses, including repair will be the individual owner’s responsibility.

Components of driver qualification
(A new application is required every academic year)

  • Must complete the Driver Application Form prior to driving and/or upon request of the Physical Plant Office.  A new application is required every academic year
  • Must possess a driver’s license valid in the U.S.  Upload a copy  of your license at the bottom of the driver’s application form
  • Must have at least 2 years of regular (daily) driving experience
  • Must be 21 years old to drive a car or minivan, and at least 25 years old to drive a 12 passenger van and a 15 passenger mini bus
  • A 1 time, 30 minute test drive is required to operate the 15 passenger mini bus. This can be scheduled through the Physical Plant office
  • Students requesting a vehicle are required to obtain signed authorization from their department or supervisor
  • The department or supervisor are required to complete Trip Direct for the student

****MVR (Motor Vehicle Records) check required****

Consent Form (Print & complete consent form and return to physical plant)

MVR Consent Form

A motor vehicle record (MVR) review will be conducted prior to an employee being granted driving privileges. A new driver that has a borderline or poor MVR will not be able to drive for company business. The following table will be used to determine the acceptability of a MVR. Sample MVR Program Guidelines Major violations—one makes driver unacceptable.

  1. Major violations—one makes drivers unacceptable and ineligible to drive
    a.  Negligent homicide within last 5 years
    b.  Criminal-type conviction within last 5 years
    c.  Hit-and-run within last 5 years
    d.  Manslaughter within last 5 years
    e.  Suspended or revoked license—currently suspended or revolved
    f.   Drag racing within last 5 years
    g.  Driving Under Influence/Impaired within last 5 years
    h.  Reckless driving within last 5 years
    i .  Careless driving within last 3 years
    j.   Assault involving a motor vehicle within last 5 years
    k.  Passing a stopped school bus within last 3 years
  2. Unacceptable
    a.  3 or more moving violations within the last 3 years
    b.  2 or more at-fault accidents within the last 3 years
  3. Violations and accidents combined: More than 1 at-fault accident and 1 moving violation within the last 3 years when not the same incident
    a.  Moving Violations
    b.  Speeding violations, I
    c.  Improper or excessive lane changes
    d.  Following the vehicle ahead too closely
    e.  At-fault accidents (any accident where the driver is cited with a violation, or            negligently contributes to the incident OR; any single vehicle accident that is not caused by actual equipment failure)
    f.  Running a red light or stop sign
    g.  Failure to yield
  4. Acceptable* The driver has violations but does not meet the unacceptable criteria.
  5. Clean* – No violations listed on the MVR

Please note this list is not all inclusive, but a general guideline of the type’s violations that fall into “Major Violations” and “Unacceptable.” The actual wording of a violation varies by state.

Types of vehicles

  • Car – 5 passenger
  • Mini Van – 8 passenger (includes the driver)
  • Activity Bus – 12 passenger (includes the driver)
  • Mini Bus – 15 passenger (includes the driver)

*****If a Goshen College vehicle is not available, an Enterprise rental will be provided (only if request is submitted 1 week prior to departure), with the same mileage rates applying.  Physical Plant will pay for the rental.


  • Each vehicle is equipped with an I-Pass when travel requires passing through tolls
  • Each vehicle is assigned a specific I-Pass and can not be transferred to another vehicle
  • Even though the I-Pass is quite reliable when traveling the toll road, drivers should carry cash in case of failure
  • Save toll receipt(s) and turn it/them into your department for reimbursement (contact Physical Plant for correct account code)
  • Enterprise rentals reserved through Physical Plant will be equipped with a Goshen College I-Pass if needed. The cost to replace an I-Pass if not returned with key packet is $40.

Charges for misuse of college vehicles

  • Not using a reserved car (minimum charge for vehicle): $3 per car; $5 per mini-van; $6 per 12 passenger van and 15 passenger mini bus
  • Failure to call ahead when not returning a vehicle as scheduled: $10
  • Failure to fill out mileage slip completely $5
  • Failure to return vehicle with a full tank of gas: $5 per gallon
  • Failure to clean out vehicle after use: $5

Requester’s submission

  • Must request vehicle(s) 5 days prior to departure/trip
  • Log in issues, click forgot password to reset
  • Once the trip information is completed, enter a submittal password: physicalplant
  • Requester will receive an email confirmation of their submittal. Example: Your requested trip is routed for approval
  • The administrator receives submittal request via email
  • The administrator activates the trip and assigns the type of vehicle requested
  • Requester then receives a 2nd email. Example: Your requested trip is activated
  • Mileage charges will be added at the end of each trip and then the trip is closed
  • Requester then receives a 3rd email. Example: Your trip has been closed

*******Once a trip is submitted and a trip needs to be modified or cancelled, please contact Jane Taylor:

Jane Taylor

Physical Plant Administrative Assistant

To reserve a vehicle click on the Trip Direct link below. Don’t forget the submittal password: physicalplant

Trip Direct