Orientation and Families

Union and Peace on the Ovalo Gutierrez

Two days have passed quickly — sharing, learning, sampling — singing, praying, preparing — and now it’s time for each student to enter the life of a Peruvian host family. They waited anxiously, expectantly, glancing at their papers to learn all the names and leaning into each other for encouragement.  One by one the families … Keep reading »

Arrival in Lima

Safe Arrival

They were easy to spot with their smiling faces and eager looks.   We were easy to find with our six-foot, hand-lettered sign that read “Goshen College”.  A few minutes later we left the airport and headed for Home Peru where the students will spend their first night.  We’ll devote the next two days to orientation … Keep reading »


Jerrell, Naomi, Teresa, Jane, Jordan and Sierra

Our family is delighted to return to Peru to lead the Fall Study Service Term.  We directed the program for four semesters in 2009-10 and are thrilled to have an opportunity to live and work in this magnificent country.  We have lots planned:  Something old, something new.  Something borrowed, something blue (or green).  Since arriving … Keep reading »