A Trip Out East – Preface

Loading up (and on top of) the bus

Co-leaders’ introduction by Lisa & Jen From last Thursday through this Monday we took an extended field trip to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, on the opposite side of the country from where we are spending most of the term. The eastern autonomous regions of Nicaragua comprise over 50% of the country’s land mass but … Keep reading »

Day to Day Life


As we head into our second full week with the students, most are starting to settle into a daily routine.  A typical day begins with breakfast with the family between 7 and 8 and then they are off to school by either walking or taking a micro bus, which is basically a Mitsubishi van rigged … Keep reading »

First Reunión

Kaleb, Katie and Sarah demonstrate North American driving habits

Midway through our first week of classes and lectures in Jinotepe, we had our first reunión, which means “meeting.” We also like the literal translation of the word, reunion: a time when we come together and get reacquainted with each other and with ourselves. This will be a weekly event at the unit house, during … Keep reading »

On to Carazo to meet host families


Sunday morning we headed from Managua to Jinotepe, stopping for a few minutes at Loma de Tiscapa on our way out of the capital city. This hilltop was where former dictator Anastasio Somoza built his presidential bunker, and ruins of his palace are still visible. Also atop the hill is a 59-foot tall silhouette statue … Keep reading »

Two Days — Two Houses


     After a full day of orientation, the students set out on a two-day service project in connection with an organization called Un Techo para mi País.  Techo is an organization that works with destitute families to help build them more sustainable housing.  The program, organized and run by university students, requires the family to … Keep reading »

SSTers arrive in Nicaragua

On the bus-1

We’re happy to announce that 11 Goshen College students arrived safely Wednesday night in Nicaragua – all together, in one piece and with their luggage – after a very long day of travel. In fact, some reported that they never went to bed the night before they left Goshen! From the airport we went to … Keep reading »