Goshen College students with their awards at the IASB conference in Indianapolis.

Students bring home state, national broadcasting awards

For students in Goshen College’s communication programs, achievements are not only measured by grades, but in recent years also in recognition from national and state peer competitions.

In March, 14 students traveled to Indianapolis to the Indiana Association of Schools Broadcasters (IASB) annual awards luncheon. Eighteen students won awards in 15 categories, including three first place state awards, for their work at the campus radio station, 91.1 The Globe (WGCS), the television news program “The Correspondent,” and the video production company, FiveCore Media.

“The day was a winner from start to finish,” said Jason Samuel, WGCS general manager and assistant professor of communication. “First, our students got to spend time with leaders in the broadcast industry and future employers from around the state. The day ended with us celebrating the work of one another in our co-curricular programs. It is great to see students’ appreciation for one another’s achievements. This speaks to the culture at Goshen College and the commitment of our students.”

Following in the wake of the state awards, five students were recognized with national honors with four awards in the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Festival of Media Arts competition in Las Vegas.

“Every year our students impress me with their dedication and hard work,” said Kyle Hufford, the general manager of FiveCore Media and assistant professor of communication. “These awards are further evidence to not only the quality of our students’ work but also to the quality of experiences we are able to provide students. The continued success of our radio, TV and film students are a reflection of our focus on hands on learning.”

Broadcast Education Association National Awards

  • 1st place - Specialty Program: Riley Friesner, a sophomore broadcasting major from Elkhart, Indiana “Mindi Abair Live From Ignition Music Garage”
  • 3rd place - On-Air Personality: Spencer Buttermore, a senior broadcasting major from Waterloo, Indiana.  “The Breakfast Blend” radio show
  • Award of excellence - On-Air Personality: Samantha Horsch, a senior broadcasting major from Goshen, “Sam’s Afternoon Drive” radio show
  • Award of Excellence - PSA, Promo or Commercial: Kadie Spoor, a first-year broadcasting major from valparaiso, Indiana; Nasim Rasoulipour, a sophomore interdisciplinary major from Tehran, Iran; Tanner Camp, a sophomore broadcasting major from Fremont, Indiana; and Samantha Horsch, for “TextNDrive.”

Indiana Association of School Broadcasters Awards

  • 1st place - Televison Package: Karen Ramos, a sophomore communication major from Goshen; Brad Stoltzfus, a senior broadcasting major from Goshen; Alyson Prigge, a sophomore communication and public relations major from Hamler, Ohio, and Tanner Camp.
  • 1st place - Television News Program: Karen Ramos, Tanner Camp, Riley Mills, a senior communication major from Milltown, Indiana; and Jace Longnecker, a sophomore history major from South Bend, Indiana.
  • 1st place - Radio Interview: Riley Friesner


  • 2nd place - Television Non-News/Sports Program: Karen Ramos, Tabitha Immanuel, a senior film production and theater major from New Delhi, India; Tim Litwiller, a senior film production and communication major from Pheonix; and Takoda Friesen, a senior film production major from Goshen.
  • 2nd place - Short Film: Riley Mills, Tim Litwiller,  Jace Longnecker, and David Leanman, a 2017 graduate with a degree in communication.
  • 2nd place - Television Sports Program: Laura Hoover, a junior broadcasting major from Chesterton, Indiana.
  • 2nd place - Corporate Video: Tabitha Immanuel and Riley Mills
  • 2nd place - Cinematography: Tim Litwiller and Riley Mills  
  • 2nd place - Videography: Riley Mills
  • 2nd place - Radio Copywriting: Zack Begly, a first-year broadcasting major from Evanston, Illinois.
  • 2nd place - Radio Air Personality: Spencer Buttermore


  • 3rd place - Television Non-News/Sports Program: David Leaman Miller
  • 3rd place - Radio Talk Show: Riley Friesner; William Troyer, a first-year broadcasting major from Goshen; Bryce Stopher, a sophomore communication major from Goshen; and Brandon Roe, a first-year from New Holland, Pennsylvania.
  • 3rd place - Radio Show: Laura Hoover and Brandon Vires, a junior psychology major from New Baltimore, Michigan
  • 3rd place - Radio Sportscast: Spencer Buttermore