Campus updates: Severe city and county flooding

The City of Goshen and the City of Elkhart declared a State of Emergency on Wednesday, Feb. 21 because the Elkhart River has flooded and numerous streets/roads are closed. The river is expected to crest overnight several feet above the record level.

Due to the high percentage of students who live on or very near campus, and because the campus itself is not directly affected by the flooding, Goshen College is planning to be open for classes on Thursday, Feb. 22, in spite of the declared area state of emergency. All offices will remain open for business as they are able to.

We do understand that not all students or employees will be able to make it to campus. Please exercise good judgment regarding travel and stay safe; it is the first priority. No one should take any unnecessary risks to come to campus. Any student that cannot safely travel to campus should notify their instructor and will not be penalized for missing classes. Any employee that cannot safely travel to campus for work should remain at home and should notify their supervisor.

Continue to monitor these Facebook pages for updates from city, county and regional officials about specific road closures: