Goshen College’s Pinchpenny Press releases new books

Goshen College’s Pinchpenny Press is releasing seven books this spring – three collections of student work and four authored by individual students.

Goshen College seniors Kate Friesen, Kate Stoltzfus, Lauren Treiber and Annabeth Tucker each penned individual chapbooks that were released though Pinchpenny last week.Friesen, a senior English major from Archbold, Ohio, wrote a book of poems and stories titled “Human/Animal.” Friesen’s collection of short poems and stories takes a quirky look at people as animals and animals as people. The book is illustrated by Emma Gerig, a senior interdisciplinary major from Goshen.

Stoltzfus, a senior English writing and journalism major from Goshen, wrote “Lights in the Corner of the Dead,” a collection of short stories that are fictionalized views into the lives of women whom Stoltzfus met in Peru.

Treiber, a senior peace, justice and conflict studies major from Grand Rapids, Mich., wrote “There is a Famine in the Land,” a collection of poems focused on Treiber’s experience of moving from darkness to light in her encounters with self, mother and Cambodia.

Tucker, a senior English writing major from Erie, Pa., wrote “At the Bottom of an Ocean of Sky,” a candid memoir of one student’s experience with bipolar disorder and the journey from mania through hospitalization, depression and new stability.

The individual chapbooks cost $3.50 each, or all four for $12. For more information, contact Skip Barnett, associate professor of English, at carleb@goshen.edu.

Goshen Graphix II 

Pinchpenny Press will release “Goshen Graphix II” at 6 p.m. Friday, April 4 at Better World Books. The book is a collection of graphic narratives and was written for a May Term course called The Graphic Novel, taught by Jessica Baldanzi, associate professor of English. “Goshen Graphix II” will be the third graphic novel collection published by the GC English Department.


Read selections from Goshen Graphix:
    Stories of a Morning Glory by Sara Klassen
    Pearl of Wisdom by Liz Reese
    That One Time, When My Life Fell Apart by Annabeth Tucker

Baldanzi and several student authors, including Mandy Schlabach, Kate Friesen, Vic Garcia, Annabeth Tucker, Sam Smucker and Emma Gerig, will give brief presentations at the release. Books may be purchased at Better World Books. For more information, contact Baldanzi at jbaldanzi@goshen.edu.

Exposition 25 

Pinchpenny Press has also released a collection of student essays titled “Exposition 25,” which includes the best student essays from 2012-13 representing seven different non-fiction writing genres. Kate Yoder, a senior English and art major from Elkhart, edited the collection. (Questions about this book can be directed to anneh@goshen.edu.)

Red Cents 

The final Pinchpenny Press publication of 2014 is Red Cents, Goshen College’s literary arts journal, which includes both written and visual art. Red Cents 2014 was edited by Kate Stoltzfus and Kate Yoder, and will be released on April 15. Copies of Red Cents are available for $5 by contacting english@goshen.edu.

The 2013 Red Cents publication won 3 Indiana Collegiate Press Association (ISCP) awards, including first place for best single issue, third place for the best overall design and third place for best literary journal of the year.

Pinchpenny Press was founded by Nick Lindsay in 1939 and is sponsored by the Goshen College English Department. The press is overseen by an editorial board made up of professors and students who select manuscripts for publication and offer editorial suggestions to authors.

For more information about Pinchpenny Press and to order copies of a book, visit http://goshen.edu/english/publishing/ppp, or contact Skip Barnett (carleb@goshen.edu).