January 2018 Table of Contents

Contents of Volume XCII
January 2018 Number One

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Overview by John D. Roth, editor

  • Big Brother is Watching: FBI Surveillance of Antiwar Activities at Mennonite Colleges in the 1960s
    Keith Sprunger and Mary Sprunger
  • Luther’s Reformation and that of the Radicals
    Peter Matheson
  • Rethinking the Murky World of the Post-Münster Dutch Anabaptist Movement, 1535-1538:  A Dialogue between Willem De Bakker and Gary K. Waite
    Willem de Bakker and Gary Waite
  • Research Note: Marpeck on Leadership: A Failure or a Bridge?
    Carol Wert
  • Research Note: Expanding Low German Childhood: The “Children’s Corner” in Die Mennonitische Post
    Rebecca Janzen

Book Reviews

  • Bronner, Simon J., and Joshua R. Brown, eds. Pennsylvania Germans: An Interpretative Encyclopedia.
    Reviewed by Cynthia G. Falk
  • Griffin, David Ray. The Word Became Flesh: A Rapprochement of Christian Natural Law and Radical Christological Ethics.
    Reviewed by Christian Early
  • Andreas, Peter. Rebel Mother, My Childhood Chasing the Revolution.
    Reviewed by James Juhnke
  • McKnight, Scot. Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church.
    Reviewed by Ryan D. Harker
  • Thiessen, Janis. Not Talking Union: An Oral History of North American Mennonites and Labour.
    Reviewed by Perry Bush
  • Newson, Ryan Andrew, and Brad J. Kallenberg, eds. Practicing to Aim at Truth: Theological Engagements in Honor of Nancey Murphy.
    Reviewed by Nathan P. Carson
  • Müller, Thomas T. Thomas Müntzer im Bauernkrieg. Fakten – Fiktionen – Desiderate.
    Reviewed by Peter Matheson
  • Doerksen, Paul G. Take and Read: Reflecting Theologically on Books.
    Reviewed by Emily A. Peck-McClain
  • Goossen, Benjamin W. Chosen Nation: Mennonites and Germany in a Global Era.
    Reviewed by William Yoder

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