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Contents of Volume XCI
October 2017 Number Four

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Overview by John D. Roth, editor

  • The Theology of English Anabaptist Martyr Joan Bocher
    Kirk R. MacGregor
  • “The Knife of Daily Repentance”: Toward a Religious History of Calligraphy and Manuscript Illumination in German-Speaking Pennsylvania, ca. 1750-1850
    Alexander Ames
  • A Mennonite Witness to Revolution: Johann G. Rempel’s “Memoir of Moscow, March-June 1917”
    David G. Rempel, trans.; James Urry, ed.
  • The Reformation as Revolution: Anticlericalism, Social Movements and Modern Conceptions of Freedom
    Hans-Jürgen Goertz
  • Book Notes: A Sampling of Lutheran Texts Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation
    John D. Roth, comp.

Book Reviews

  • Loewen, Royden. Horse-and-Buggy Genius: Listening to Mennonites Contest the Modern World.
    Reviewed by Karen M. Johnson-Weiner
  • Hollander, August den, et al., ed. Religious Minorities and Cultural Diversity in the Dutch Republic: Studies Presented to Piet Visser on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday.
    Reviewed by Jenny Claire Smith
  • Hill, Kat. Baptism, Brotherhood, and Belief in Reformation Germany. Anabaptism and Lutheranism, 1525-1585.
    Reviewed by Stephen E. Buckwalter
  • Letkemann, Peter. A Book of Remembrance. Mennonites in Arkadak and Zentral, 1908-1941.
    Reviewed by James Urry
  • Suderman, Robert J. Re-Imagining the Church: Implications of Being a People in the World.
    Reviewed by Anicka Fast
  • Preheim, Rich. In Pursuit of Faithfulness: Conviction, Conflict and Compromise in Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference.
    Reviewed by Phil Waite

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Contents of Volume LCI (2017)

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