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Contents of Volume XCI
July 2017 Number Three

In Memoriam: Alan F. Kreider (1941-2017)

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Overview by John D. Roth, editor

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

  • Monge, Mathilde. Des communautés mouvantes : Les « sociétés des frères chrétiens » en Rhénanie du nord Juliers, Berg, Cologne ver 1530-1694.
    Reviewed by Neal Blough
  • Burnett, Amy Nelson. and Emidio Campi, eds. A Companion to the Swiss Reformation.
    Reviewed by C. Arnold Snyder
  • Weaver-Zercher, David L. Martyrs Mirror: A Social History.
    Reviewed by Patrick M. Erben
  • Phillips, Brenda D. Mennonite Disaster Service: Building a Therapeutic Community After the Gulf Coast Storms.
    Reviewed by Philip Fountain
  • Baerg, Roni. Mit den Wolken fliegen. Bericht aus einem fernen Land.
    Reviewed by Berit Jany
  • Harker, Ryan D., and Janeen Bertsche Johnson, eds. Rooted and Grounded: Essays on Land and Christian Discipleship.
    Myers, Ched, ed. Watershed Discipleship: Reinhabiting Bioregional Faith and Practice.
    Reviewed by Robert B. Kruschwitz
  • Krieger, Viktor. Bundesbürger russlanddeutscher Herkunft. Historische Schlüsselerfahrungen und kollektivies Gedächtnis.
    Reviewed by Peter Letkemann
  • Greig, Jason Reimer. Reconsidering Intellectual Disability: L’Arche, Medical Ethics, and Christian Friendship.
    Reviewed by Kevin McCabe

Book Notes

  • Enns, Fernando, and Jonathan Seiling, eds. Mennonites in Dialogue: Official Reports from International and National Ecumenical Encounters, 1975-2012.
  • Moore, Charles, ed. Called to Community: The Life Jesus Wants for His People.

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