April 2018 Table of Contents

Contents of Volume XCII
April 2018 Number Two

In This Issue

Overview by John D. Roth, editor

  • “In Life and in Death”:  Barth, Bonhoeffer, and the Path from the Great War to the Confessing Church
    Anthony Chvala-Smith
  • “A Small World Power”: How the Nazi Regime Viewed Mennonites
    Benjamin Goossen
  • The War Diary of Jakob Guenther, Bendsburg, Upper Silesia, Germany
    James Urry, ed.                                                                                
  • Chronology of Events during the National Socialist Era in the Mennonite Settlements in Paraguay
    Hans Theodore Regier
  • The Ideological Nature of the Division in the Mennonite Brethren Church of Fernheim and the Public Act of Reconciliation
    Heinz Dieter Giesbrecht
  • Paraguay’s Mennonites and the Struggle Against Fascism: A Global Historical Approach to the Nazi Era
    Daniel Stahl
  • How the Fernheimers Learned to Speak About the Nazi Era: The Long Historical Echo of a Conflict
    Daniel Stahl
  • Michael Horsch: A Victim of His Nationalist Sympathies? A Response to Thomas Nauerth
    Volker Horsch

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

  • Trollinger, Susan L., and William Vance Trollinger Jr. Righting America at the Creation Museum.
    Reviewed by Ryan Sensenig
  • Urban-Mead, Wendy. The Gender of Piety: Family, Faith, and Colonial Rule in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.
    Reviewed by Eiliakim M. Sibanda
  • Burkholder, J. Lawrence, edited by Myrna Burkholder. Recollections of a Sectarian Realist: A Mennonite Life in the Twentieth Century.
    Reviewed by Malinda Elizabeth Berry
  • Krall, Ruth Elizabeth, with Lisa Schirch. Living on the Edge of the Edge: Letters to a Younger Colleague.
    Reviewed by Susanne Guenther Loewen

Books Noted

  • Kobelt-Groch, Marion and Astrid von Schlachta, eds. Mennoniten in der NS-Zeit: Stimmen. Lebenssituationen, Erfahrungen.
  • Zapff, Hauptrecht, edited by Martin Rothkegel. Johannes der Evangelist über alle Kapital Erklärt: Ein Täuferischer Bibelkommentar von 1597.
  • Freeman, Curtis W. Undomesticated Dissent: Democracy and the Public Virtue of Religious Nonconformity.
  • Stover, Philip R. Religion and Revolution in Mexico’s North: Even Unto Death . . . Tengamos Fe.
  • Regehr, John. Still Daring to Hope.


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