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April 2017 Number Two

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Overview by John D. Roth, editor

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

  • Ojwang, Francis S., ed. Forward in Faith: History of the Kenya Mennonite Church. A Seventy-Year Journey, 1942-2012.
    Reviewed by Joe Sawatzky
  • Louden, Mark L. Pennsylvania Dutch: The Story of an American Language.
    Reviewed by Elly van Gelderen
  • Lichty, Richard J. An Increase in Time: Story Lines of Germantown Mennonite Church and Its Historic Trust, 1683-2005.
    Reviewed by Rich Preheim
  • Çatalbaş, Resul. Radikal Reformistler: Hıristiyanlıkta Anabaptist Hareket [Radical Reformers: Anabaptist Movement in Christianity].
    Reviewed by Kenan Cetinkaya
  • Sensenig, Peter M. Peace Clan: Mennonite Peacemaking in Somalia.
    Reviewed by Alain Epp Weaver
  • Gingrich, Luann Good. Out of Place: Social Exclusion and Mennonite Migrants in Canada.
    Reviewed by Dawn S. Bowen
  • Yoder Neufeld, David. Common Witness: A Story of Ministry Partnership between French and North American Mennonites, 1953-2003.
    Reviewed by Alan Kreider
  • Mackay, Christopher S. False Prophets and Preachers. Henry Gresbeck’s Account of the Anabaptist Kingdom of Münster.
    Reviewed by James M. Stayer
  • Jantzen, Mark, Mary S. Sprunger, and John D. Thiesen eds. European Mennonites and the Challenge of Modernity over Five Centuries: Contributors, Detractors, and Adapters.
    Reviewed by John Eicher
  • Juhnke, James C. A People of Two Kingdoms II: Stories of Kansas Mennonites in Politics.
    Reviewed by Jay Price

Book Notes

  • Moore, Charles, ed. Called to Community: The Life Jesus Wants for His People.
  • Rempel, John D. and Paul Tiessen, eds. Forever Summer, Forever Sunday:Peter Gerhard Rempel’s Photographs of Mennonites in Russia, 1890-1917.
  • Lundström, Kertin, Polemik in den Schriften Melchoir Hoffmans: Inszenierungen rehtorischer Streitkultur in der Reformationszeit

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