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October 2016 Number Four

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Overview by John D. Roth, editor.

Book Reviews

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  • Bush, Perry. Peace, Progress, and the Professor: The Mennonite History of C. Henry Smith.
    Reviewed by Benjamin J. Wetzel
  • Springer, Joe A., comp., trans., and ed. Montbéliard Mennonite Church Register, 1750-1958: A Sourcebook for Amish Mennonite History and Genealogy.  2 vols.
    Reviewed by Gordon Oyer
  • Pitts, Jamie. Principalities and Powers: Revising John Howard Yoder’s Sociological Theology.
    Reviewed by Anthony G. Siegrist
  • Ojwang, Francis S., ed. Forward in Faith: History of the Kenya Mennonite Church.  A Seventy-Year Journey, 1942-2012.
    Reviewed by Joe Sawatzky
  • Wiens, Victor, ed. The Church in Mission: Perspectives of Global Mennonite Brethren on Mission in the 21st Century.
    Reviewed by Jonathan J. Bonk
  • Loewen, Mary Ann, ed. Sons and Mothers: Stories from Mennonite Men.
    Reviewed by Rachel Epp Buller
  • Weaver, Lisa D., and J. Denny Weaver. Living the Anabaptist Story: A Guide to Early Beginnings with Questions for Today.
    Reviewed by Chester Weaver
  • Klager, Andrew P., ed. From Suffering to Solidarity: The Historical Seeds of Mennonite Interreligious, Interethnic, and International Peacebuilding.
    Reviewed by Jonathan Rudy
  • McCutcheon, Richard, Jarem Sawatsky, and Valerie Smith, eds. Voices of Harmony and Dissent: How Peacebuilders are Transforming Their Worlds.
    Reviewed by Reina C. Neufeldt
  • Sider, Ronald J. Nonviolent Action: What Christian Ethics Demands But Most Christians Have Never Really Tried.
    Reviewed by Richard D. Crane

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