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April 2016 Number Two

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Overview by John D. Roth, editor.

Book Reviews

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  • Sprinkle, Preston, with Andrew Rillera. Fight: A Christian Case for Nonviolence.
    Reviewed by David C. Cramer
  • Heidebrecht, Paul C. Beyond the Cutting Edge? Yoder, Technology, and the Practices of the Church.
    Reviewed by Anthony G. Siegrist
  • Hinojosa, Felipe. Latino Mennonites: Civil Rights, Faith, and Evangelical Culture.
    Reviewed by Michael Innes Jiménez
  • Stoltzfus, Duane C. S. Pacifists in Chains: The Persecution of Hutterites during the Great War.
    Reviewed by Mark Jantzen
  • Werner, Hans. The Constructed Mennonite: History, Memory and the Second World War.
    Reviewed by Aileene Friesen
  • Newson, Ryan Andrew, and Andrew C. Wright, eds. The Collected Works of James Wm. McClendon, Jr. 2 vols.
    Reviewed by Jamie Pitts
  • Epp Weaver, Alain. Mapping Exile and Return: Palestinian Dispossession and a Political Theology for a Shared Future.
    Reviewed by Peter M. Sensenig
  • Lederach, John Paul. Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians.
    Reviewed by André Gingerich Stoner
  • Barber, Daniel Colucciello. On Diaspora: Christianity, Religion, and Secularity.
    Reviewed by Isaac Villegas
  • Crell, Kate Eisenbise. Cooperative Salvation: A Brethren View of Atonement.
    Reviewed by J. Denny Weaver
  • Kraybill, Donald B. Renegade Amish: Beard Cutting, Hate Crimes, and the Trial of the Bergholz Barbers.
    Reviewed by Karl S. Shelly
  • Friesen, Berry, and John K. Stoner. If Not Empire, What? A Survey of the Bible.
    Reviewed by Michele Hershberger
  • Weaver, J. Denny, ed. John Howard Yoder: Radical Theologian.
    Reviewed by David C. Cramer

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