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April 2011 Number Two

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Overview by John D. Roth, editor.

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  • Huebert Hecht, Linda A. Women in Early Austrian Anabaptism: Their Days, Their Stories.
    Reviewed by Mary S. Sprunger
  • Lexikon der Mennoniten in Paraguay.
    Reviewed by John Thiesen
  • Ratliff, Walter R. Pilgrims on the Silk Road: A Muslim-Christian Encounter in Khiva.
    Reviewed by Waldemar Janzen
  • Roessingh, Carel and Tanja Plasil, eds. Between Horse & Buggy and Four-Wheel Drive: Change and Diversity among Mennonite Settlements in Belize, Central America.
    Reviewed by Ervin Beck
  • Schlabach, Theron F. War, Peace, and Social Conscience: Guy F. Hershberger and Mennonite Ethics.
    Reviewed by Paul C. Heidebrecht
  • Sharp, John E. A School on the Prairie: A Centennial History of Hesston College 1909-2009.
    Reviewed by Susan Fisher Miller
  • Siebert, Eric. Disturbing Divine Behavior: Troubling Old Testament Images of God.
    Reviewed by Gregory A. Boyd
  • Stambaugh, Sara. Yon Far Country: A Social and Personal Memoir of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
    Reviewed by Eileen R. Kinch
  • von Schlachta, Astrid. Gefahr oder Segen? Die Taeufer in der politischer Kommunication.
    Reviewed by James M. Stayer

Book Notes

  • Kornersmann, Frank. Das Gaestebuch der mennonitichen Bauernfamilie David Moellinger Senior, 1781-1817. Eine historisch-kritische Edition.
    El sacrificio del Señor.
  • Bender, Harold S., ed. Hutterite Studies. Essays by Robert Friedmann. 2nd ed.
  • Bollinger, Dennis E. First Generation Anabaptist Ecclesiology, 1525-1561: A Study of Swiss, German and Dutch Sources.
    Noted by John D. Roth

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