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October 2008 Number Four
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In Memoriam: Albert N. Keim (1935-2008)
Reformation Publishing and Anabaptist Propaganda: Two Contrasting Communication Strategies for the Spread of the Anabaptist Message in the Early Days of the Swiss Brethren
Alejandro Zorzin
Insubordinate Anabaptists in Virtuous Clothing?  Amish Anabaptists as Model
Subjects in the Context of Bernese Sumptuary and Moral Mandates
Mary Ann Miller Bates
Toleration, Privilege, Assimilation and Secularization:  Mennonite
Communities of Faith in the Palatinate, Rhine-Hesse and the Northern
Upper Rhine, 1664-1802
Frank Konersmann
Between Traditions and Mission: Historical Roots of Russian-German
Faith Convictions
Johannes Reimer
Research Note: Golden Apples in Silver Bowls and the Relationship
of Swiss Anabaptism to Pietism
Marcus Meier

Research Note: Who Is in the "Society of Christian Brothers’" Anabaptist
Identity in Sixteenth-Century Cologne
Mathilde Monge
Book Reviews
Waite, Gary K. Eradicating the Devil’s Minions: Anabaptists and Witches in Reformation Europe, 1535-1600.
Reviewed by William Monter
Kroeger, Arthur. Hard Passage: A Mennonite Family’s Long Journey from Russia to Canada.
Reviewed by Hans Werner
Friesen, John J. Building Communities: The Changing Face of Manitoba Mennonites.  
Reviewed by Sam Steiner
Miller, Donald E., Scott Holland, Lon Fendall and Dean Johnson, eds. Seeking Peace in Africa: Stories from African Peacemakers.
Reviewed by John C. Yoder

Redekop, John H. Politics Under God.
Reviewed by Thomas Heilke

Gingerich, Ray and Earl Zimmerman, eds. Telling Our Stories: Personal Accounts of Engagement with Scripture;
Graber Miller, Keith and Malinda Elizabeth Berry, eds. Wrestling with the Text: Young Adult Perspectives on Scriptures.
Reviewed by Tamara Schantz
Yoder Neufeld, Thomas R. Recovering Jesus: The Witness of the New Testament.
Reviewed by Reta Halteman Finger
Dellsperger, Rudolf and Hans Rudolf Lavater, eds. Die Wahrheit ist Untödtlich: Berner Täufer in Geschichte und Gegenwart.
Reviewed by Urs B. Leu
Book Notes
Grimsrud, Ted. Embodying the Way of Jesus: Anabaptist Convictions for the Twenty-First Century. 
Gross, Leonard and Jan Gleysteen. Colonial Germantown Mennonites
Erb, Peter C., ed. Martyrdom in an Ecumenical Perspective: A Mennonite-Catholic Conversation.
Martens, Robert, Maryann Tjart Jantzen and Harvey Neufeldt, eds. Windows to a Village: Life Studies of Yarrow Pioneers.
Swartley, Willard M. Send Forth Your Light: A Vision for Peace, Mission, and Worship.
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Contents of Volume LXXXII (2008)

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