April 2004 Table of Contents

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April 2004 Number Two

In This Issue
Frans Houttuyn, Amsterdam Bookseller: Preaching,
Publishing and the Mennonite Enlightenment

Keith L. Sprunger
Vistula Delta Mennonites Encounter German Nationalism, 1813-1820
Mark Jantzen
Thinking Through Jon Sobrino’s “Rethinking” of Martyrdom
Tripp York
Cultural Attitudes in Western Christianity
Toward the Community of Goods in Acts 2 and 4

Reta Halteman Finger
Torn Between Two Faiths? American Calvinist Leonard Verduin’s Anabaptist-Mennonite
Gerlof D. Homan
A New Paradigm in Anabaptist-Mennonite Historiography?
Review Essay: Andrea Strübind, Eifriger als Zwingli

James M. Stayer
A New Paradigm in Anabaptist-Mennonite Historiography?
A Response

Andrea Strübind
News and Announcements
Author Addresses

Biblical Concordance of the Swiss Brethren, 1540. Anabaptist
Texts in Translation, vol. 2. Trans. Gilbert Fast and Galen A. Peters;
intro. Joe Springer; ed. C. Arnold Snyder. Sources of South German/Austrian
. Classics of the Radical Reformation, vol. 10. Trans.Walter
Klaassen, Frank Friesen and Werner O. Packull; ed. C. Arnold Snyder.
Reviewed by Geoffrey Dipple
Derksen, John. From Radicals to Survivors: Strasbourg’s Religious
Nonconformists Over Two Generations, 1525-1570.

Reviewed by Amy E. Leonard
Driedger, Michael D. Obedient Heretics: Mennonite Identities in Lutheran
Hamburg and Altona during the Confessional Age.

Reviewed by James Jakob Fehr
Gordon, Bruce. The Swiss Reformation.
Reviewed by James M. Stayer
Gregory, Brad S., ed. The Forgotten Writings of the Mennonite Marytrs.
Reviewed by James W. Lowry
Ediger, Gerald. Crossing the Divide: Language Transition Among Canadian
Mennonite Brethren, 1940-1970.

Enninger, Werner, et al. Language and Language Use of the Amish and
Mennonite Groups of Swiss-German Origin: An Annotated Bibliography.

Reviewed by Mark L. Louden
Kreider, Robert S. My Early Years: An Autobiography.
Reviewed by David Haury
Snyder, C. Arnold, ed. Commoners and Community: Essays in Honour of
Werner O. Packull.

Reviewed by John Derksen

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