July 2000 Table of Contents

Contents of Volume
July 2000 Number Three

  • “United Progressive Mennonites”: Bluffton
    College and Anabaptist Higher Education, 1913-1945

    Perry Bush
  • Anabaptist Separation and Arguments
    Against the Sword in the Schleitheim Brotherly Union

    Gerald Biesecker-Mast
  • Vondel, Sudermann and Kliewer: Stretching
    the Invisible Canon of Mennonite Dramatic Writing

    Lauren Friesen
  • Missionary Christology: John Howard Yoder and the Creeds
    Alain Epp Weaver
  • The Quest for a Mennonite Seminary in Russia, 1883-1926: Signs of
    a Changing Mennonite World
    Abe Dueck
  • Latin American Anabaptist-Mennonites: A Profile
    Juan Martnez
  • Research Note: Preliminary Evidence on European Mennonites and the
    Slave Trade
    Michael Driedger
  • Book Reviews

    Goertz, Hans-Jrgen. Konrad Grebel: Kritiker des frommen Scheins,
    1498-1526. Reviewed by Dale Jonathan Grieser.

    Friesen, Abraham. Erasmus, the Anabaptists and the Great Commission.
    Reviewed by Howard Louthan.

    Trompetter, Cor. Agriculture, Proto-Industry and Mennonite Entrepreneurship:
    A History of the Textile Industries in Twente, 1600-1815. Reviewed
    by Ruud van Dijk.

    Friesen, J. Stanley. Missionary Responses to Tribal Religions
    at Edinburgh, 1910. Reviewed by James R. Krabill

    Kreider, Robert S. Looking Back into the Future. Reviewed
    by Rachel Waltner Goossen

    Stassen, Glen Harold, ed. Just Peacemaking: Ten Practices for
    Abolishing War. Reviewed by J. Robert Charles.

    Herr, Robert and Judy Zimmerman Herr, eds. Transforming Violence:
    Linking Local and Global Peacemaking. Reviewed by J. Robert Charles.

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