Assessment & Institutional Research

What We Do

Assessment and institutional research (IR) efforts at Goshen College support all campus areas in the wise use of available data to enhance:

  • Effectiveness - Are we successful in achieving our desired outcomes in each area?
  • Efficiency – Do we make wise use of our resources as we go about our work?
  • Excellence – How can we continually improve the quality of our results?

Much of our work with data and reporting is done as part of the campus DECISION SUPPORT TEAM, a campus group of database and reporting experts from key areas of the institution. Learn more about our team and explore our resources using the menus to the left.

GC DATASTREAM: The Latest from our Office

  • GC Reports – GC information via the web

    Next-Generation Access to Information GC Reports (accessible online at is a web-based reporting system for GC data. It provides easy access to reports based on GC databases. It connects to Jenzabar and other campus data systems. Check out our resources for using GC Reports Download the Getting Started Guide

  • Debt at Graduaton: GC is heads *below* the rest

    Debt at Graduaton: GC is heads *below* the rest 2010 GC grads averaged around $14,000 in debt, a figure that is lower than all of our peer schools. This amount is… 55% lower than the average debt of Bluffton University grads ($31,000) 49% lower than the average debt of Indiana University-Bloomington grads ($28,000) Chart: Average Debt […]