Academic Program Review

Academic programs are reviewed on a five-year cycle. Reviews consist of a self-study, internal review, and an action plan. Department chairs, program directors or the Academic Dean may request an additional external review.

Academic Program Review Schedule

In developing the specific program review schedule, the assessment committee considers potential for synergies in particular departments or programs. These synergies might be due to similar or overlapping involvement in offering academic programs; or, alternatively, synergies might be due to interdisciplinary activities that create logical connections and support concurrent program review.

Program Review Schedule


The Director of Assessment notifies departments with scheduled program reviews at the beginning of the fall semester. Self-studies should be completed by early spring semester. The process is completed with the development of an action plan at the beginning of the following fall semester.

Program Review Timeline

Self-study Resources

Academic Self-Study Guidelines

External Review

If an external review is requested, department chairs or program directors are responsible for identifying an external reviewer with expertise in the discipline. Reviewers are asked to review the self-study, internal review, and supporting assessment documents, meet with program faculty, and submit an assessment to the Academic Dean and Director of Assessment. A stipend of $500 is provided. External reviews are waived for departments that already participate in program-specific accreditation processes.

Sample Letter of Invitation to External Reviewers
Instructions for External Review
External Review Template