Wrap up and relaxing in Bali

At the conclusion of their service assignments students all returned to Yogyakarta for some wrap-up activities that included project presentations to each other. Projects covered a wide range of topics, including Indonesian plants, food, economics, social issues, environmental issues, and education issues.

After one day in Yogyakarta we all boarded a plane for the one-hour flight to Bali. The first day in Bali was a time for relaxing in the hotel pool and nearby shops and beaches while Ron and Sally Jo conducted individual interviews with each student. We also had time for some group processing of the last six weeks. In the evening we attended an abbreviated 1-hour  performance of a traditional Balinese dance, called Kacak, that is done on ceremonial occasions. This dance is also unique in that it uses no musical instruments, only vocal rhythmic sounds and music.

For our last day in Indonesia we packed all of our bags into a bus and had a quick tour of the island of Bali.  This started with a 1-hour performance of the Barong dance accompanied by gamelon. The tour  then stopped at several art studios and a Hindu temple where we were all provided with sarongs in order to enter. Then we made our way to a beautiful lunch location overlooking Kintamani volcano and adjoining lake.

After lunch we visited a small coffee and spice plantation where, in addition to coffee, we could see fruits and spices being grown. We had a chance to sample several kinds of coffee and tea. Then it was on to view beautiful rice terraces and a nice waterfall. We concluded our last day in Indonesia with a dinner on the beach near the airport, complete with sunset! Students arrived  at the airport at about 9:30 pm and took off for home after midnight.  They expect to arrive in Goshen 30 hours later.