Service locations – Beginning visits

This week Ron and Sally Jo began visits to service locations. The first stop was to an interfaith organization, Interfidei, where Jace is assisting with the production of a video of their activities. Interfidei began in 1991 and focuses on interfaith dialog among youth because they are the future. They see interfaith dialog as more than religious theologies. It includes practical conversations about how to live together and how to deal with potential areas of conflict. As part of his assignment Jace will participate in seminars at a variety of locations and campuses.

Sophia and Emi are assigned to YAKKUM, an organization that offers both institutional and community based services to people with a variety of disabilities. They are conducting and recording interviews with clients, their families, and communities in a variety of locations. They also spend  a lot of time at the main facility writing up their interviews and helping with different rehabilitative activities there. Occasionally they get to enjoy or help out in the coffee shop.