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COVID-19 Policy Changes for 2023-2024

Goshen College has recently implemented changes to its COVID-19 policy, a reflection of the evolving nature of the global pandemic.

  • There is no longer a requirement for students and employees to report COVID-19 infections.
  • Beginning in August 2023, the mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations has been suspended.

This shift puts the responsibility of health management more squarely on individuals. Students and staff members are advised to take necessary precautions, monitor their health and seek medical attention promptly if they begin to exhibit symptoms of illness.

The college strongly encourages students not to attend class or campus activities if they are not feeling well. Our Health and Wellness Office and Goshen Family Physicians — who are committed to providing advice, information and support when needed — are always available resources for students.

These changes are aimed at promoting a safe and healthy campus environment, and are underscored by a commitment to personal responsibility and well-being.

In the event of a significant resurgence of COVID-19 that begins to disrupt college operations, Goshen College stands ready to adapt its policies as needed.

If you become concerned about COVID-19 infections, transmissions or contagion, students should contact Liz Andes, assistant dean of students, and employees should contact Marlene Penner, director of human resources. Residential students can contact the On-Call Resident Director at 574-535-7273 after hours and on weekends for additional support and guidance.

Liz Andes

Assistant Dean of Students

Health and Wellness

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