December 16, 2013

Tell the Good News

By Jeff Hochstetler, apartments manager
THIS WEEK’S THEME: Tell the Good News

In the past year, a number of my friends have either recently had their first baby or have announced that one is on the way. Joy, excitement and anticipation often fill the lives of the parents, their family and friends. An announcement of this magnitude changes things!

But after announcing a coming baby, the parents’ work has just begun. Sleeping habits change. Eating habits change. Family dynamics change as expectant parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles anticipate welcoming a new life. Physical spaces change. A nursery is set up for the coming newborn. Inevitably the buzzword, “nesting,” will creep its way into expectant parents’ vernacular.

This week’s theme is to “Tell the Good News.” Scriptures throughout this week will focus our attention to the coming Immanuel. Like family anticipating a new life, announcing the coming Prince of Peace is an important first step. And then we begin to prepare.

As the Christmas season draws near, how are we preparing to tell the Good News? How will our lives be changed? After announcing our joy, may we shape our lives to speak the Good News of the coming babe.



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