Ifeoma Ezeh ’94

Ifeoma Ezeh ’94

Major: Business Administration

Now: Studying for her Masters degree in Public Non-Profit Management at, Boston University School of Management

What are the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of your postgraduate study?

Simply being back in school after a ten absence has been a bit tough, especially with my classmates so much younger, and seemingly, sharper than me. Managing my time and getting used to the loss of a steady income have been big adjustments for me also.

How has your Goshen College experience shaped and prepared you for what you are doing now?

Goshen taught me how to have respect for different worldviews, and encouraged me to go into a life of service to others. I served for three years as a Peace Corps volunteer and went on to work in international development before embarking on business school.

What are your vocation and life goals?

My life’s goal is to be part of the solution in the fight against poverty and reducing the scourge of modern times called AIDS, especially on poor women and children in the developing world. My goal is to use business as a tool for sustainable development and change.

How has Goshen’s motto, “Culture for Service,” impacted the way you choose to live and pursue your vocational calling?

As someone who grew up in the developing world (Nigeria), Goshen encouraged me to think about the reasons for poverty and helped me see that I needed to be part of the solution. Hence, my whole professional life thus far has been and will be marked by service to others.