Public Relations Careers

Goshen College Alumni

Here is a sampling of current positions held by GC alumni:

  • News Bureau Director
  • Media Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Admission Counselor
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Associate Pastor
  • Attorney
  • Grants Writer
  • Business Reporter
  • Copy Editor
  • Director of Event Technology
  • Photographer
  • Special Projects Producer
  • Web Designer/Coordinator
  • Church Community Volunteer
  • Product Specialist


According to the Public Relations Society of America,

“Public relations helps our complex, pluralistic society to reach decisions and function more effectively by contributing to mutual understanding among groups and institutions. It serves to bring private and public policies into harmony.
Public relations serves a wide variety of institutions in society such as businesses, trade unions, government agencies, voluntary associations, foundations, hospitals, schools, colleges and religious institutions. To achieve their goals, these institutions must develop effective relationships with many different audiences or publics such as employees, members, customers, local communities, shareholders and other institutions, and with society at large.”

About the Coursework

Students choosing majors in the communication department have numerous opportunities to apply their classroom learning and to test their vocational interests.

Possible courses include:

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Digital Design
  • Writing for Media
  • Creating for the Web
  • Leading Nonprofit Organizations
  • Photo Communication
  • Principles of Public Relations
  • Organizational Communication

For a full list of requirements and courses, refer to the course catalog.

Possible Career Paths

The possible career choices are broad for every major. Graduates from the communication department have pursued vocations as broadcasters, reporters, editors, public relations and advertising practitioners, educators, attorneys, business executives and church leaders.

The list below will provide you with several career options, but it is not exhaustive. Please note that some positions require additional education.

  • Account Executive
  • Alumni Relations Director
  • Advertising Director
  • Art Director
  • Casting Agent
  • College Admission Counselor
  • Commercial Artist
  • Community Relations Coordinator
  • Convention Planner
  • Coordinator of Consumer Affairs
  • Creative Director
  • Customer Relations Representative
  • Director of Corporate Communication
  • Director of Public Information
  • Employee Relations Coordinator
  • Fundraising or Donor Relations
  • Government Press Secretary
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Market Researcher
  • Media Relations Specialist
  • Media Director
  • News Analyst or Coordinator
  • Newsletter Writer/Editor
  • Professional Sports Team Publicist
  • Promotion Coordinator
  • Public Information Officer
  • Public Relations Consultant
  • Publications Manager
  • Research Director
  • Sales Planner
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Speechwriter
  • Trade Show Representative
  • TV Producer
  • VIP Coordinator

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