Off To Service

After three days of bustle, all the students have left Thiès and have safely arrived at their service placements. Early Saturday morning Ali, Kate, Laurel, and Rebekah left for a two day trip to the south east of the country where they will be living in a little village called Segou. Later that morning Amanda, Jess, and John left for Saint-Louis and were accompanied by Lydia and Maddie who are staying further north than Saint-Louis on the Senegal/Mauritanian border in a town called Richard Toll. Soon after, a car left for Dakar carrying Erin, Lynn, and Matt. They were accompanied by Billy and Karin who were dropped off in a suburb of the city called Grand Mboa . Jessie and Jessica took public transportation to Niakhar a small town about 80 kilometers south and east of Thiès. Aaron and Ian had to wait until Monday morning to travel the short distance to their homestays in and around Gorom, a village near Lac Rose.