Project Presentations

An SST requirement is for each student to prepare a major project that focuses on some aspect of Senegalese culture.  We spent one day hearing short presentations from each student.  These projects included observations, interviews, creative work, and some research.

Each student chose their own topic.  They were as follows:

Mary – Conservation

Olivia – Women’s education

Andrea – Pular language

Erin – Women’s knowledge

Katie – Senegal SST guidebook

Aaron – Poultry farming methods

Josh – Senegalese cuisine

Chris – Tiling styles

Rosanna – Women’s stories

Molly – Dances

Alysha – Women’s stories

Leah – Trilingual ABC book

Kristina – Senegalese recipes

Patrick – Griots (traditional storytellers/musicians)

Lindsay – Gris gris (traditional medicine)

Mallori – Christian conversion stories

Mayra – Stories of children

Jon – Attitudes toward homosexuality in Senegal

Jeff – Creative story in Wolof

Kristen – Games and education

Paul – Art & architecture in Saint Louis

Noah – Senegalese perspectives on Western influence

Adrienne – Music and song collection