October 2021

Contents of Volume XCIV

October 2021 Number Four

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In Memoriam: Wilbert R. Shenk (1935-2021)

A New Examination of the “Great Terror” in Molotschna, 1937-1938
Arnold Neufeldt-Fast

Narrating Anabaptist Conversion in Early Modern Switzerland
   David Y. Neufeld

The Anabaptist Moment: Improper Beginnings, Ecclesio-Political Decisions, and a Nonviolent Sovereignty
   Marius von Hoogstraten

Research Note: “A Nut too Tough to Crack”: Perceptions of Catholicism among Early Mennonite Missionaries to Argentina
   Alejandro López and Agustina Aleman

News and Announcements

Book Reviews
Goggin, Joyce and Frans De Bruyn, eds. Comedy and Crisis: Pieter Langendijk, the Dutch, and the Speculative Bubbles of 1720.
  Reviewed by Keith L. Sprunger

Weaver, J. Denny, and Gerald J. Mast. Nonviolent Word: Anabaptism, the Bible, and the Grain of the Universe.
Reviewed by Ryan Schellenberg

Hostetler, Ann. Safehold.
Reviewed by Hillary Watson

Thiessen, Bernhard. Leben in Grenzen. Die Mennoniten in der SBZ und der DDR von 1945 bis 1990.
Reviewed by Kathryn Julian

Tirosh-Samuelson, Hava. Religion and the Environment: The Case of Judaism.
Reviewed by Egbert Giles Leigh Jr.

Contents of Volume LCV (2021)

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