July 2004 Table of Contents

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July 2004 Number Three

In This Issue

Anabaptist Faith and American Democracy
Ted Grimsrud

“As You Go”: John Howard Yoder as a Mission Theologian
Joon-Sik Park

A Neo-Anabaptist Approach to Missions: Ralph and Genevieve Buckwalter
and the Hokkaido Mennonite Church, 1949-1980

Emily Hershberger

David Joris, Pietist Saint: The Appeal to Joris in the Writings of Christian
Hoburg and Gottfried Arnold
Douglas Schantz

Review Essay: Christology in the Theology of Oliver O’Donovon
Paul Doerksen

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

Snyder, C. Arnold and Galen A. Peters. Reading the Anabaptist Bible: Reflections for Every Day of the Year.
Reviewed by Marlene Kropf

Driedger, Michael D. Obedient Heretics: Mennonite Identities in Lutheran Hamburg and Altona during the Confessional Age.
Reviewed by Karl Koop

Veen, Mirjam van. ‘Verschooninghe van de roomsche afgoderye’: De polemiek van Calvijn met nicodemieten in het bijzonder met Coornhert.
Reviewed by Gary Waite

Yoder , John Howard. Preface to Theology: Christology and Theological Method.
Reviewed by Stephen F. Dintaman

Yoder Neufeld, Thomas. Ephesians ( Believers Church Bible Commentary).
Reviewed by Nancy R . Heisey

Williams, D. H., ed. The Free Church and the Early Church: Bridging the Historical and Theological Divide.
Reviewed by Alan Kreider

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