April 2002 Table of Contents

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April 2002 Number Two

In This Issue
John D. Roth

Historical Roots of a Post-Gulag Theology
for Russian Mennonites

Walter Sawatsky
John Howard Yoder’s Pedagogical Approach: A Just War Tradition with
Teeth and a Hermeneutic of Peace
Margaret Pfeil
Edward Benjamin Krehbiel: Progressive Peace Advocate and "Professor
of Eternal Peace"
Gerlof Homan
The Church and Homosexuality: A Review Essay
Willard Swartley

Book Reviews
Schlabach, Gerald W. For the Joy Set Before Us: Augustine and Self-Denying
Love. Reviewed by Peter C. Erb.
Johns, Loren, ed. Apocalypticism and Millenialism. Reviewed by
Paul Keim.
Kropf, Marlene and Kenneth Nafziger, eds. Singing: A Mennonite Voice.
Reviewed by Debra D. Brubaker.
Kauffman, Janet. Rot. Reviewed by Ervin Beck.

Driedger, Michael. Zuflucht und Koexistenz: 400 Jahre Mennoniten in
Hamburg und Altona. Reviewed by Mark Jantzen.
Kraybill, Donald B. and Carl F. Bowman. On the Backroad to Heaven:
Old Order Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish and Brethren. Reviewed by
Peter C. Blum.
Amsler, Cory M., ed. Bucks County Fraktur. Reviewed by Ervin Beck.
Good, Merle and Phyllis Pellman. What Mennonites are Thinking 2000.
Reviewed by Leonard Gross.
Graber Miller, Keith, ed. Teaching to Transform. Reviewed by Rodney
J. Sawatsky.
Matheson, Peter. The Rhetoric of the Reformation. Reviewed by Gerald
Juhnke, James C. and Carol M. Hunter. The Missing Peace: The Search
for Non-Violent Alternatives in United States History. Reviewed by
David Hostetter.
Bunge, Marcia J., ed. The Child in Christian Thought. Reviewed
by Rachel Miller Jacobs.

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