July 2001 Table of Contents

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July 2001 Number Three

  • In This Issue
  • Thirty Years of MCC-Washington Office:
    A Unique or Similar Way?

    Kenneth L. Eshleman
  • Story and Eucharist: Postliberal Reflections on Anabaptist Nachfolge
    Craig Hovey
  • Pamphlets, Preaching and Politics: The
    Image Controversy in Reformation Wittenberg, Zrich and Strassburg

    Travis J. Moger
  • Pieter Jansz Twisck on Biblical Interpretation
    James W. Lowry
  • Needs, Values and the Mennonite Church: Some Preliminary Considerations
    DesAnne Hippe
  • Research Note: Three Sixteenth-Century Manuscripts of Writings of
    David Joris
    Martin Rothkegel
  • Book Reviews
    Epp, Marlene. Women Without Men: Mennonite Refugees of the Second
    World War. Reviewed by Rachel Waltner Goossen
    Lindsay, Nick. Magnificent Storm: Collected Poems 1960-2000.
    Reviewed by Jeff Gundy
    Brock, Peter and Nigel Young. Pacifism in the Twentieth Century.
    Brock, Peter, comp. Pacifism Since 1914: An Annotated Reading List.
    Reviewed by David Hostetter
    Freeman, Arthur J. An Ecumenical Theology of the Heart: The Theology
    of Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf. Reviewed by Jeff Bach
    Ruether, Rosemary Radford. Women and Redemption: A Theological History.
    Reviewed by Sigrun Haude
  • Book Note
    Stayer, James M. Martin Luther, German Saviour: German Evangelical
    Factions and the Interpretation of Luther, 1917-1933. Book Note
    by John D. Roth
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