April 1997 Table of Contents

Contents of Volume
April 1997 Number Two

  • In This Issue (163)
  • Bakhtin, Boundaries and Bodies (169)
    Julia Kasdorf

  • The Body Knows as Much as the Soul: On the Human
    Reality of Being a Writer (189) Rudy

  • Spiritual Knowledge, Carnal Obedience, and Anabaptist
    Discipleship (201)
    Gerald J. Biesecker-Mast

  • Theology Is a Kind of Writing: The Emergence
    of Theopoetics (227)
    Scott Holland

  • Marking and Remarking the Body of Christ: Toward
    a Postmodern Mennonite
    Ecclesiology (243)
    Elaine K. Swartzentruber

  • Postmodern Suspicion and Imagination: Therapy
    for Mennonite Hermeneutic Communities (267)
    Lydia Neufeld Harder

  • Singing God’s Song as Citizens and Aliens: A
    Christian Theology of Culture (285)
    Duane K. Friesen

  • Anthology in Lieu of System: John H. Yoder’s
    Ecumenical Conversations as
    Systematic Theology (305)
    Gerald W. Schlabach

  • Reviews (311)
    • Toews, Paul, ed. Mennonite Idealism and
      Higher Education. Review by Victor Stoltzfus

    • Packull, Werner O. Hutterite Beginnings:
      Communitarian Experiments during the Reformation. Review by
      Leonard Gross

    • Liechty, Daniel, trans. and ed. Early
      Anabaptist Spirituality: Selected Writings. Review by C. Arnold

    • Hughes, Richard T. The Primitive Church
      in the Modern World. Review by Donald F. Durnbaugh
  • News and Announcements (320)
  • Authors’ Addresses (320)

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