Contents, July, 1994


  • J. Denny Weaver, "Christus Victor, Ecclesiology and Christology,"
    (pp. 277-290).
  • Heinz Noflatscher, "Heresy and Revolt: The Early Anabaptists in the
    Tyrol and in Zurich," (pp. 291-317).
  • Russel Snyder-Penner, "The Ten Commandments, The Lord’s Prayer and The
    Apostles’Creed as Early Anabaptists Texts," (pp. 318-335).
  • John Derksen, "Melchiorites After Melchior Hoffman in Strasbourg,"
    (pp. 336-350).
  • Leonard Gross, ed. "H. Schnell, Second-Generation Anabaptist,"
    (pp. 351-377).
  • Thomas J. Meyers, "The Old Order Amish: To Remain in the Faith or to
    Leave" (pp. 378-395).
  • James Juhnke and Leo Driedger, "Balancing Community and Outreach
    Visions: Edmund George Kaufman, Mennonite Sociologist," (pp. 396-417).

Books Reviewed

  • Boyd, Stephen B. Pilgram Marpeck: His Life and Social Theology. Review
    by Walter Klaassen.
  • Baylor, Michael G., ed. Revelation and Revolution: Basic Writings of Thomas
    M!ntzer. Review by Geoffrey Dipple.
  • Scott, Tom and Bob Scribner, trans. and eds. The German Peasant War: A
    History in Documents. Review by Werner O. Packull.
  • Roth, John D. Letters of the Amish Division: A Source Book. Review by
    Arnold Snyder.
  • Burridge, Kate and Werner Enninger, eds. Diachronic Studies on the
    Languages of the Anabaptists. Review by Gerhard Reimer.
  • Rauert, Matthias H. and Annelie K!mpers-Greve. Van der Smissen: Eine
    mennonitische Familie vor dem Hintergrund der Geschichte Altonas und
    Schleswig-Holsteins: Texte und Dokumente. Review by John D. Thiesen.
  • Kraus, C. Norman. The Community of the Spirit: How the Church Is In the
    World. Review by Donovon E. Smucker. Aschliman, Kathryn. Growing Toward Peace:
    Stories from Teachers and Parents About Real Children Learning to Live
    Peacefully. Review by Barbara Claassen Smucker.
  • Nafziger, Elfrieda Toews. A Man of His Word: A Biography of John A. Toews.
    Review by Marlin Jeschke.
  • Goerz, Heinrich. The Molotschna Settlement. Review by James Urry.

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