Contents, January, 1995


  • Gerlof D. Homan, "’We Must … and Can Stand Firmly’: Dutch
    Mennonites in World War II" (pp. 7-36)
  • Sue Langley, "Conscientious Objection in the United States:
    Individual or Corporate? The Case of Arthur Jost v. The United States, 1954"
    (pp. 37-52)
  • Darrel R. Reid, "Luther Müntzer and the Last Day: Eschatological
    Hope, Apocalyptic Expectations," (pp. 53-74)
  • Roy L. Vice, "Valentin Ickelsamer’s Odyssey from Rebellion to
    Quietism," (pp. 75-92)
  • Arnold Snyder, "Research Note: Sources Documenting Anabaptism in Zürich,
    1533-1660," (pp. 93-99)
  • Anthony R. Epp, "Research Note: Friedrich Nicolai’s Portrayal of the
    Anabaptists," (pp. 100-104)

Books Reviewed

  • Kobelt-Groch, Marion. Aufsässige Töchter Gottes: Frauen im
    Bauernkrieg und in den Täuferbewegungen. Review by Linda Huebert Hecht.
  • Menchi, Silvana Seidel, with Bernd Moeller and Hans Rudolf Guggisberg, eds.
    Ketzerverfolgung im 16. und frühen 17. Jahrhundert. Review by John S.
  • Waite, Gary K., trans. and ed. The Anabaptist Writings of David Joris,
    1535-1543. Review by E. J. Furcha.
  • Fauth, Dieter. Thomas Müntzer in Bildungsgeschichtlicher Sicht. Review
    by E. J. Furcha.
  • Kraybill, Donald B., ed. The Amish and the State. Review by Steven D.
  • Testa, Randy-Michael. After the Fire: The Destruction of the Lancaster
    Country Amish. Review by Steven D. Reschly.
  • Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. Manufactured by Hand: The Soap Hollow
    School. Review by Ervin Beck.
  • Gingerich, James Nelson, ed. The Harmonia Sacra: A Compilation of Genuine
    Church Music. 25th edition. James Nelson Gingerich and Matthew Lind. The
    Harmonia Sacra Handbook …. Review by Bradley Lehman.
  • Durnbaugh, Donald F. Brethren Beginnings: The Origin of the Church of the
    Brethren in Early Eighteenth-Century Europe. Review by David L. Eiler.
  • Bohlken-Zumpe, Elizabeth. Torches Extinguished: Memories of a Communal
    Bruderhof Childhood in Paraguay, Europe and the USA. Review by Donald F.
  • Oved, Yaacov. Distant Brothers: History of the Relations Between the
    Bruderhof and the Kibbutz. Review by Wes Harrison.
  • Jecker, Hanspeter and Bernhard Ott, eds. "Alt- und Neutäufer":
    Gemeinsame Vergangenhist!? Gemeinsame Zukunft’! Review by David Ewert.
  • Toews, J.B. A Pilgrimage of Faith: The Mennonite Brethren Church,
    1860-1990. Review by David Haury.
  • Loewen, Royden K. Family, Church and Market: A Mennonite Community in the
    Old and New Worlds, 1850-1930. Review by Leland Harder.
  • Plett, Delbert F., ed. Leaders of the Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde in Russia,
    1812-1874. Review by Edward Reimer Brandt.
  • Rich, Elaine Sommers, ed. Walking Together in Faith: The Central District
    Conference, 1957-1990. Review by Hope Kauffman Lind.
  • Swartley, Willard M., ed. The Love of Enemy and Nonretaliation in the New
    Testament. Review by Paul A. Keim.
  • Mauser, Ulrich. The Gospel of Peace: A Spiritual Message for Today’s World.
    Review by David Ewert.
  • Flynn, George Q. The Draft, 1940-1973. Review by Gerlof D. Homan.
  • Cortright, David. Peace Works: The Citizen’s Role in Ending the Cold War.
    Review by J. Robert Charles.
  • Pries, Betty, ed. Seawindrock: The History of MCC in Newfoundland and
    Labrador, 1954-1993. Review by Ruth Ann (Liechty) Gardner.
  • Wenger, John C. J.C.: A Life Sketch. Review by C. Norman Kraus.
  • Haller, Charles R. Across the Atlantic and Beyond: The Migration of German
    and Swiss Immigrants to America. Review by Silas J. Smucker.

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