Student Health Services

Goshen Family Physicians

Goshen College has partnered with the local Goshen Family Physicians to serve as the primary medical service provider for students and for such program-related services as Study-Service Term immunizations and athletic physicals.


  • Choice of eight clinicians, six of whom are medical doctors and GC alums
  • Expanded clinical services and procedures based on need
  • “Phone RN” for assessment and counsel
  • 24-hour clinician support in times of more severe need and assessment
  • Electronic medical record management and access
  • Bilingual services
  • Medical record management through the Health Services Office

Goshen Family Physicians provides primary health care for all ages, including pediatric, adult, medical and obstetrical care. They specialize in preventative healthcare as well as management of acute and chronic illness. This includes treatment for depression, ADHD and other mental health concerns. In the office, they perform many procedures such as lesion removal, colposcopy and ultrasounds. Goshen Family Physicians consist of seven Family Physicians and a Family Nurse Practitioner. In addition, they have a staff of 20 nurses and receptionists.

Eligibility and Payment

All students must have a Confidential Health Form on file in the GC Health Services Office.

Students will need to use their medical insurance to cover payment of services at Goshen Family Physicians. Payment with cash, check, credit or debit card can be used for services that insurance does not cover.