April 4, 2011

April 4: I wait for the Lord


By Ana Yoder, a senior music major from Elkhart
THIS WEEK’S THEME: I wait for the Lord

The theme for this week’s devotionals is “I wait for the Lord.” It strikes me that we spend much of our time finding the most efficient ways to accomplish daily tasks and avoid waiting. We hope the red light turns green; we choose self-checkout at the supermarket; we use instant foods to shorten meal prep time. Modern life does not teach us how to wait.

Yet life is also full of waiting. We wait for the new life of spring, for a child to be born, for news of a job offer or results of a medical test. The question is not if we wait, but how we wait.

In her book Seven Sacred Pauses, Benedictine sister Macrina Wiederkehr explores the practice of praying through the Liturgy of the Hours. The first hour is Matins or Vigils, prayed in the dark of the night before dawn. Wiederkehr describes this night watch as a time to wait for the Lord:

“When I rise from my sleep for prayer, I keep vigil with Christ, who is always keeping vigil. I keep vigil with my heart’s eternal questions and deep longings… I keep vigil with those whose tired hearts have lost hope… I pray for those with fearful hearts, for those whose courage is waning. I pray for those who have lost vision of what could be. When I rise in the middle of the night, my prayer is simply one of waiting in silence, waiting in darkness, listening with love.”

As we wait in the darkness of Lent, may we wait with hope for the Light that we cannot yet see, as we turn inward, listen intently and keep vigil.



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  1. Beautifully written. This reflection touched me, we are busy people in a busy world and waiting is not always easy.

    Dawn Patrick April 4, 2011 |
  2. Thank you for your thoughtful contribution!

    Dale Hess April 4, 2011 |
  3. Thank you, Ana, for this thoughtful devotional, including the words of Wiederkehr, which I particularly appreciate.

    Deb Kauffman April 4, 2011 |
  4. Thank you for your meaningful meditation. It’s good to learn to appreciate waiting.

    Ethel Umble April 4, 2011 |
  5. Thank you for your meaningful meditation. It’s good to learn to appreciate “waiting.”

    Ethel Umble April 4, 2011 |
  6. Thank you, Ana, for the most meaningful
    meditation of this Lenten season.

    Frank k Moore April 4, 2011 |
  7. Great thoughts on waiting! I like that when I keep vigil, I’m doing it with Christ who always keeps vigil. Thanks for sharing!

    Ruth April 4, 2011 |
  8. Ana, this is lovely. I love Macrina, and I appreciate this “spin” on my day.

    Maureen Nalezny April 4, 2011 |
  9. Well said, Anna!

    Kathy Nofziger Yeakey April 4, 2011 |
  10. waiting with hope
    how wonderfully put

    Pastor Karen April 4, 2011 |
  11. Thank you for the reminder of “its not IF we wait, its HOW we wait. I need that daily. Too many times I wait with great impatience when I could use that time to reflect on God’s goodness no matter what the circumstances. Maybe having a Bible verse for the day to repeat and really think about meaning could be a good way to use the waiting periods of my day.

    Betty April 4, 2011 |
  12. Thanks for your thoughts and wishing you a good school year.

    Frank and Cara Ulrich April 4, 2011 |
  13. I thoroughly read all the devotions,and many lend themselves to opening devotions for our sunday school class, like the Psalms 23 devotional recently, and this one, how often we awake at night, what a thought to pray for others. Thankyou.

    Renetta April 4, 2011 |
  14. Thank you for a beautiful reflection.

    Ann Whitaker April 4, 2011 |
  15. This devotion was very relevant to what God was speaking to my heart this morning. Thank you Ana.

    Debby Sawtell April 4, 2011 |
  16. Thank-you, Ana.

    Lori April 4, 2011 |
  17. Beautiful! Thank you, Ana.

    marjorie April 4, 2011 |
  18. What strong, simple, and loving words. Again this Lent I am appreciating the devotions. I live near a Benedictine Monastery, and I am often buoyed by the compassionate love and gentle yet sustained efforts for peace by the Sisters of St. Benedict. I am likewise uplifted by the heartfelt devotions by the students and staff of Goshen College. May you continue to be blessed by the goodness of Christ’s love.

    Warren April 4, 2011 |
  19. I shared this prayer with a family member who often wakes in the night. What a comfort to know that Christ is keeping vigil, also.

    Sharon April 4, 2011 |