About This Material

To Goshen College Students:

As Christians, we are challenged to take seriously the second of the greatest commandments; “love your neighbor as yourself.” In doing so, the faculty, staff and students at Goshen College make an active attempt to be fair and honest with one another, respecting one another as a part of our larger community. This includes the way we view ourselves as men and women.

We strive for wholesome relationships in every sense of the word. This includes areas of sexuality . Within that context we encourage each other to explore what it means to be healthy sexual beings whose relationships with others are based on equality, affection, and esteem. In short, as a part of a meaningful community, we live with integrity.

Sexual objectification, sexual harassment and sexual exploitation violate the trust and dignity of all community members. We are accountable to each other to maintain an atmosphere of respect.

Goshen College has spoken clearly on a variety of sexuality-related issues. Please read this section with thoughtfulness and refer to it throughout your time at Goshen College.