Seeing Behind the Wall


“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” – Secret Life of Walter Mitty This quote seemed very appropriate to finish our trip with. I discovered it while watching the movie it came from on … Keep reading »

Growing Up Maasai

David & Elizabeth shoot broil at a Maasai village

It’s been a few days since our last update. This was not from a lack of attention on our part but merely the lack of internet. For the last few days we traveled north of Nairobi to a town called Ngong on the edge of Maasai land. We made Ngong our base of operation and … Keep reading »

Seeing the World Through a Viewfinder

Elizabeth & David interviewing the women at a farm in Ndeiya

Today was our 2nd production day on location of the communities we are visiting. After a full weekend of more “tourist” type activities everyone in the class was anxious to get back to the work at hand. We had a lot of fun over the weekend seeing the elephant orphanage, the giraffe center, some traditional … Keep reading »

Positives and Negatives of Production Day 2

+’s Giraffes Giraffes eating out of my hand Hugging giraffes Elephants Baby elephants Touching baby elphants Filming baby elephants with awesome camera equipment A baby elephant rubbing against Lauren as she took pictures Calimari for lunch A beautiful overlook over downtown A free evening Shorts and a t-shirt Film experience College credit for this -‘s … Keep reading »

Production Day 1

Our Goshen group w/ FRB & the Community leaders in Ndeiya

Learning to be flexible, was the lesson for today. When we travel to other cultures one of the best parts is to discover our differences. Our North American priority sometimes is to keep a schedule and be on time. So it can be frustrating to suddenly be thrown into a culture where schedules and times … Keep reading »

The Calm Before the Storm

Orientation meeting the first day.

It’s never easy to travel over seas , especially with a large group. But we have an amazing class of students and partners from FRB with us. Even after all of our troubles getting through customs and getting to bed around 5am, everyone was up and ready for our orientation at 10am tea. These students … Keep reading »

Arrived Safely


After a long day of travel some adventures along the way and 7+ time zones we arrived last night at around 4am at the Mennonite Guest House in Nairobi. More details to come as we settle in. The students are tired and but ready to go.

Kenya at Last

April 29- May 1 5:20 am Well, today was a very long and eventful day. I spent about 18 hours on airplanes. I unfortunately got sick for the first time in the very beginning of our flight from Chicago to Istanbul. Thankfully I had my faithful seat buddy David to save me in my time … Keep reading »