Production Day 1

Our Goshen group w/ FRB & the Community leaders in Ndeiya

Our Goshen group w/ FRB & the Community leaders in Ndeiya

Learning to be flexible, was the lesson for today. When we travel to other cultures one of the best parts is to discover our differences. Our North American priority sometimes is to keep a schedule and be on time. So it can be frustrating to suddenly be thrown into a culture where schedules and times are not so important. This is a good thing for us to experience. It changes our focus from time to the present happenings.

After our schedule was put way behind because so many people wanted to come see and talk to us, we were not able to start shooting until 2pm and had to wrap it up around 5:30pm. A little more then 3hrs to shoot at 3 locations is not what we had in mind and not your ideal situation for the first day. The students rose to the challenge and made it happen, adapting to another culture & shooting a full days schedule in 3hrs.

I’m glad we have this weekend to process this and reframe our approach to next weeks production days. Tomorrow we will be visiting the elephant & giraffe orphanage and a few other sites in Nairobi.

Here is the link to our Facebook Album where we will be keeping a majority of our pictures, and remember to like our page to get all of the updates.


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