How I Almost Broke the Plane (and other such adventures…)

I left three days ago but we’ve only been gone two days and it’s 6:06 PM here but it’s 11 AM at home and I’ve had double the meals and half the sleep and all I can say is that every part of my body is confused.

But besides that, I’m great!

The Vortex of Doom

The Vortex of Doom

Traveling went relatively smooth. As our plane started moving in Chicago, I kicked in a panel and was pretty sure I had broken the plane and we were all going to be sucked through this hole. (Please remember that I study film, not physics.)

After surviving the Vortex Plane Ride of Doom, we went through Turkish security. I expected to have our cameras checked again because nothing is ever easy when carrying a camera. Instead, a woman in our group was asked to take out a plastic bag containing her toiletries. Then she was asked to take out a tampon. And then the security guy unwrapped it. We left Turkey a little confused and a tampon short and headed off to Kenya

We did finally get asked about our cameras. Unfortunately, it was at 4 AM at customs in Kenya. Something about permits and money and things I have no control over but was still annoyed by none the less. We arrived at the Mennonite Guest House at 5 AM and napped until breakfast at 8 AM.

My main concern is simply time. We are only here until May 14 and we are only filming a total of five days. I already know two weeks is going to fly by and I just hope I can at least get a little taste of Kenya between our workload and downtime.

I’m excited to start this whirlwind journey tomorrow! So far, I’ve only seen the Mennonite Guest House and a ton of Mennonites (apparently there is some big MCC meeting happening this week.) Tomorrow, we head to Ndeyia to start filming and exploring Kenya. Hopefully our sleep schedule will catch up to our other schedules soon!

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