SLS Courses


  • SUST 313: Freshwater Resources (4 credits)
    Examine chemical and biological properties of water and their effect on the environmental, economic, and social health of a watershed
  • SUST 309: Faith, Ethics, & Ecojustice (3 credits)
    Study the intersection of environmental issues, social justice and faith traditions.
  • SUST 300: Sustainability & Regeneration (3 credits)
    Consider how social and economic organization at different scales can encourage–or discourage–the widespread adoption of more sustainable practices
  • SUST 320: Environmental Policy & Politics (3 credits)
    Gain an understanding of the policy-making process; analyze the interaction of social issues and scientific data
  • SUST 330: Sustainability Problem Solving (2 credits)
    Use knowledge gained from the other courses to evaluate a real local problem and arrive at an implementable solution

Note: The Freshwater Resources course fulfills the requirement for a Goshen College student’s Natural World Perspectives core requirement.  Also, the Sustainability Problem Solving course can serve as a biology major’s Junior Seminar class.