Math and Computing Stories

Since 2014, Goshen College mathematics majors and informatics majors with a mathematics cognate have been required to take three junior/senior seminars: history, connections, and discoveries. One of the fourteen assignments in the connections seminar is to write a short autobiography of the student’s academics, interesting GC experiences, cocurricular activities, and future plans. These are the stories that have been submitted:

Math 412 Spring 2014
Math 412 Spring 2015
Math 412 Spring 2016
Math 412 Spring 2017
Math 412 Spring 2018
Math 412 Spring 2019

Another assignment in the connections seminar is to interview a GC alum about their education, career, and life choices. To find alums who were willing to be interviewed, requests for profiles were emailed to alumni in January 2014 and August 2017. Here are the responses (with the date of response given in parentheses):

Mathematics Majors
Brenda Beck*
Karl Birky
Phil Bontrager*
Reuben Budiardja*
M. Kent Clemens*
David Cooper
Anna Engelsone*
Robert Erck
D. Scott Eshleman*
David Hershberger*
Christian Heydorn*
Tim Kennel*
Patricia Kooker*
Mary Bruce Leigh*
Kenton Longenecker
Dale McMichael*
Matt Rissler*
Kevin Schloneger
Byron Shetler*
Evert Vandeworp*
Jason Yoder*
David Zehr*

Computing Majors
Tobias Basuki*
Anna Engelsone*
Sean Kauffman*
Jon Otto*
Sid Sahni*
Kartikeya Sharma*
Jonathan Savage*
Jason Yoder*

Mathematics Minors
Mark Miller*
Doug Stuckey*

* Alumni willing to be interviewed.  See David Housman for contact information.  Other alumni willing to be interviewed include:

Kaleab Abebe
Katie Baer
Ryan Britsch
Becker Byron
Randall Clouse
Emily Fretz
Elena Histand Stuckey
David King
Don Leatherman
Joanna Masingila
Emil Menzies
Peter Miller
Matt Nyce
Lalo Rolon
Matthew Schrock
Nick Schrock
Jesse Shaver
Douglas Smucker
Rodney Stutzman