Principles of Marketing – (RED) Competition

The Principles of Marketing class is participating in a nation-wide competition to come up with the next (RED) product. (RED) is a nonprofit organization that has teamed up with major corporations including Starbucks, American Express, Apple, The Gap. A part of the proceeds from the sales of (RED) products are channeled to help the fight against AIDS and HIV in Africa.

The class was divided in teams, each of them presenting a product, a marketing plan and a video. Viewers from all over the world can vote, via Facebook, for their favorite video. The winning team will fly to New York to present their project to the Board of (RED).

UPDATE: Teams DOVE(RED) and WATE(RED) placed in second and third place respectively in the nation-wide competition. Congratulations!

Our teams are:

Members: Kayla Hooley, Rachel Mast, Hannah Bartel, Meg Suter, Grael Miller

Members: Garrett Cannizzo, Corey Johnson, Luke Hucker, Taylor TenHarmsel, Brianne Mault

Members: Annie Martens, Chagan Sanathu, Idris Busari, Jair Hernandez, Sonia Navarro

Members: Mark DeLeeuw, Erika Nafziger, Clayton Miller, Jen Miller, Kristina Lopienksi

Members: Alejandro Davalos, Casey Pratt, Hans Weaver, Jon Hershberger