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the new

MBA 4+1

an accelerated path to the Goshen College MBA

Earn your graduate business degree in half the time and at half the cost with the Goshen College MBA 4+1 program, starting in Fall 2023.

Offering an accelerated and economical pathway for Goshen College students interested in getting a jump on earning their MBA, the 4+1 program lets students from any degree program take up to half of their MBA coursework as an undergraduate student.

Half the time, half the cost: This accelerated MBA pathway can help reduce the financial strain often associated with advanced degrees by allowing students to apply undergraduate financial aid packages and scholarships to the MBA courses taken as an undergraduate, and by shortening the amount of time a student spends in grad school. Students who can complete half of their coursework as junior and senior undergraduate students will have just one year of coursework to complete in the MBA after graduation.

Students are eligible to start taking MBA courses after completing 80 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 and may formally apply for the MBA program after 90 credit hours. Students with a business background or work experience may also apply for advanced standing, further reducing their coursework with up to two class waivers.

Interested in learning more about earning your MBA at an accelerated pace and reduced cost?

Check out this FAQ resource or contact Michelle Horning.


Michelle Horning

Professor of Accounting
Business Program Director